Testimonials from candidates

Shaquille is the best there is. I have worked with many recruiters over the years and none have been as attentive, hard working and dedicated as Shaquille and the team at Coulter Elite. Highly recommended.

I hope you don't mind me contacting you personally but I wanted to reach out to you and say how incredible two members of staff have been with your company and they really are an assist to the business.

I was contacted via Sophie Sansby about a potential job opportunity which I had applied for on indeed and was contacted the day after. Her approach and charismatic drive about the role and the opportunity got me extremely excited and she has been in touch every day with regards to the job. Even when she hadn’t managed to get a date confirmed for interview for a few days, she still updated me every step of the way which was amazing. Her service has been second to none and communication skills incredible, as Sophie is away now for a few days she has made sure that I would be well prepared for my interview coming up Monday and put me in the experienced hands of Simon Pawsey who spent over an hour talking to me discussing every aspect about my CV, what I wanted and most importantly the job I have applied for.

I have never come across 2 recruiters like them who clearly love so much what they do and helping others with above and beyond approach. They both are exceptional people and your extremely lucky to have them. I hope you have a lovely weekend and I wish the absolute best to both Sophie and Simon for their time in helping me.

I'm so grateful to Wendy. She took the time to look for me online and then carefully match my experience and skillset to the appropriate positions. I was given an interview within days and I immediately felt confident that she had understood me and placed me exactly where I wanted to be. Today was my first day in my new role and I already know this is a superb fit for me. Wendy apparently has a sixth sense and knows where employees want to be and she knows what employers are looking for. 

My experience with Coulter Elite Resourcing has been nothing short of excellent. Morgane Smith was extremely friendly and highly involved throughout the whole process, with feedback from the employer being communicated to me almost immediately. I am extremely grateful to Morgane for making the process very straightforward. I highly recommend Coulter Elite Resourcing for their professionalism, as well as for their very friendly approach to recruitment. Last but not least I would like to thank Morgane for assisting me in the process. She was incredibly responsive, supportive and helpful. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Morgane and Coulter Elite Resourcing, they provide a very professional yet personal service and you’ll be in great hands for finding your future career.

Fraser has recently found me my new job role as a Sales Relationship Executive. Throughout my job search he has been the only recruitment agent that has maintained contact to help with my job search, secured my new role and ensured that I was set to go on for my first day and first week, He continued to check in with me over the months to come too. I would highly recommend Fraser if you are looking to venture in to a new role to help find what you are looking for and to meet your expectations with hours, salary and the type of role you are looking for.

I got the call from Morgane offering me a job, which suited me perfectly. She was informative, polite and very helpful. Nothing was ever to much hassle! It doesn't stop there, Morgane has checked up on me and my position in the company and that I'm happy with my placement!

Morgane has a great personal touch, she even texted me to congratulate my on my engagement to my other half! I honestly can't thank Morgane enough for her hard work in finding my placement and then checking up things are working out! So thank you once again.

I wanted to send a quick thank you to Shaquille for all your effort in supporting my career move. Your attention to detail and regular proactive communications made the whole process straight forward and efficient.

Additionally, your clarity of expectations from the company and from myself meant there Is true value for all involved. I truly appreciate you help.

I was contacted by Sophie Sansby by phone who asked if I was still looking for work. I advised I was and she said she this great opportunity that would be great for me. Sophie set up an interview with the employer which was fab. Unfortunately I was poorly on the run up to the interview so contacted Sophie who in turn contacted the company and between them rescheduled the interview.

Sophie contacted me with all the details for my interview and sent through the job spec and address. On the day she contacted me before to wish me luck. After the interview I contacted Sophie to let her know how it went and then within 2 hours she contacted me to advise I had been offered the job.

At all times Sophie was professional, efficient and very friendly and took all the pressure off. She was very informative and helpful at all times. I would definitely invite others to use Coulter Elite. 

Wendy has worked with me and has helped at every step in getting me a great opportunity. She believed in me and recommended me to a great company. By staying in contact and exchanging regular updates, she understood my profile and offered useful support and advice throughout the entire hiring process. Thanks to her, I feel like I have progressed on to something much bigger and I can really look forward to a major boost in my career and professional development. Thanks Wendy.

Thank you for your support Wendy. You were 'the light in the darkness' and helped me stay positive through a troubling time. Thank you.

I have had the pleasure in being a client of Coulter Elite with Simon being my recruitment agent. Sorry to bother you via email regarding feedback, however I wanted to ensure Simon got the feedback he deserves by going directly to you both.

Simon has been well and truly excellent. And that's a complete understatement. I was a client of his roughly 2 months ago when he contacted me about a role at greenyard for a junior marketing manager. However due to other job offers on the table I had to discontinue with the recruitment process with greenyard. But 2 months down the line I realised that the role I am currently in really isn't for me so I decided to make a change for myself and contacted Simon back. 

Not only did Simon work his socks off in contacting everyone I had tried to apply to before contacting him, he also networked with other colleagues to see what other positions were available. Throughout the process, he kept me updated every day without fail, continuously keeping me in the loop about what was going on. That's was a massive help throughout in letting me know exactly where I stand and with who. 

Additionally, he was polite, enthusiastic, encouraging and most importantly he has incredible rapport building. Throughout the process I didn't necessarily feel like a client, I genuinely felt like one of his friends that he was trying so hard to help out with searching for a job. 

With his sheer work ethic and excellent communication skills he was able to land me a role a greenyard which is seriously something I'm incredibly excited for. I have Simon to thank for being so on the ball throughout. 

The list can really go on about all the positives I have experienced with coulter elite and if a job change is required in the future, Simon has certainly ensured a repeated customer. 

I would like to thank Simon and coulter elite for being so great and I hope this feedback is fully recognised and is a great reflection on Simon's performance. 

A big thank you to Wendy at Coulter Elite for helping me find my next career adventure! Wendy was on-hand at every stage in the process to ensure I was fully prepared, offering advice and support based on her recruitment knowledge, her knowledge of the company and the role itself. The service was friendly, efficient and extremely personal which really helped boost my confidence at what can be quite a stressful time. Thank you so much Wendy!

I can safely say, hand on heart, if it wasn’t for Ollie’s and the team's help I wouldn’t have found the perfect job for me! Great, friendly and professional team that helped me every step of the way. Thank you so much.

It would be great if you find right person to get advices and supports for your job searching process and Wendy is one of the best. She works hard to find a right position for candidates and doing her best to describe the requirement of employers about any particular vacancy. Moreover, she has a strong knowledge of job market and she is able to introduce hidden jobs which are not commonly advertised in regular job websites. I would definitely recommend her to my friends to work with on their job seeking.

I can safely say that I would never have acquired my new job if it wasn’t for Wendy and her team at Coulter Elite Resourcing. I was notified as soon as the job became available and based on my background, experience and immediate aspirations they knew that I would make a good fit for the job. If you are someone searching for the job you desire and looking for an encouraging, supportive and helpful team to help you along the way then I highly recommend Wendy and Coulter Elite.

From the first point of contact with Wendy her approach and professionalism shone through and made finding me the perfect job that much easier, nothing was too much of a problem with finding out further information from the client prior and between interviews. I would certainly recommend her services offered as I feel she works well for both the client and candidate.

When I went in to meet Wendy I was pushed through my boundaries and 'grilled' within an inch of my life! (all in a very positive way!) Having been out of full time employment for over 4 years Wendy gave me feedback on my CV and an up-to- date picture of the employment market. By re- shaping my approach and perspective I was able to position myself for the role and company and I was offered an interview, leading to a second interview and successfully being offered the role. Wendy's approach was so refreshing as no one had given me such an honest critique and whilst my skills, experience and personality were all there, having the inside knowledge on what employers actually want is vital. Wendy, to me, went the extra mile. Thank you again, Wendy.

I had spent 18 months trying to find the right job for me. I tried various recruitment agencies within the Peterborough area without much success, always being told there was nothing available or nothing in my line of work. I had applied for other positions using the local press as well, to no avail. Then I contacted Coulter Elite Resourcing who seemed to understand the type of role I was looking for and the situation I was in. After a day they rang me to say they had found a position which they thought would be suitable and put my CV forward. After two long interviews and 3 weeks of Wendy Coulter negotiating on my behalf I was successful in obtaining the position and the financial package that I was looking for. Coulter Elite kept me informed through out the lengthy process and nothing seemed to much for them. I thought that there was nothing out there for me but Coulter Elite Resourcing found my needle in a haystack. I am now looking forward to my career as a Buyer.

I have known Wendy for several years and recently made contact again after a substantial period of time, yet Wendy still had the ability to remember me and the skills and experience I had previously. I was interested in a role that Wendy was advertising and having discussed in detail what the role and organisation was looking for I was put forward for consideration. I was impressed to see that Wendy only put candidates forward who she felt could do the role, had the right experience and fit for the organisation. I was kept up to date at all times with details of interviews, dates etc and any feedback both verbally and in writing. A contributing factor to my success in being offered the position was the fact that Wendy provided me with excellent information about the organisation and the role itself, I was well informed and prepared. There were no surprises at the interview. Coulter Elite Resourcing Ltd is for me a quality recruitment agency, from the offices they work from, the staff they employ to the customer service they provide. I highly recommend this agency to any employer and to anyone looking for a role.

Getting in contact with Coulter Elite Resourcing came out of left field for me. I had been using various job search techniques and had recently updated my CV on a few internet locations and am very glad that I did. Mark Deaton rang me and explained that he had a job that I seemed to fit and that I might be interested in; and would I be able to come in for an initial interview/discussion about the role. Mark was very professional, very knowledgeable and full of useful advice for me about how to proceed with certain aspects of my job hunt and interview technique. Through Mark I was able to gain the opportunity to interview for a job that I really wanted and that I hadn't imagined I would be interviewing for when I started my job search two months ago; and with his help not only did I interview for it and get invited back for a second interview, but I got offered the position too. I cannot thank Coulter or Mark enough for their help in landing me a role in the industry I wanted to be in above all others. I feel very lucky and am very much looking forward to my future employment. I would recommend this agency to anyone who is serious about finding an amazing job.

Having worked alongside recruiters previously, I am very happy to express my thorough appreciation and gratitude towards Coulter Elite Resourcing. My experience of applying for a role and interviewing the same day reflects what a great job Wendy is doing. The position I took on fitted all of my expectations and I have still have regular contact with Wendy who is always available to help. Thank you.

I became a client of Coulter Elite Resourcing after applying for a job online. Having being invited to come and discuss the position in person with Wendy, I was pleasantly surprised that Wendy took the time to really explain the job role and ask me what I was looking for from the position and my career prospects in general. After years of working for different organisations I was looking for a role that would challenge me and give me an opportunity to really prove what I can do. Had it not been for the realistic advice and self-belief which Wendy provided me with I may stll be looking for that position. Luckily, after only a week since originally applying for the position I have been offered the job and it is so much more than what I was hoping for! Coulter Elite Resourcing Ltd and specifically Wendy have been absolutely brilliant! It has been a completely different experience compared to all the other Recruitment agencies out there. Genuinely helpful, professional and efficient. I will definitely be recommending Coulter Elite to any friends or family looking for work and would not hesitate to use them again should the need arise.

I would like to thank Mark greatly for all his help and advice in assisting me in finding my new job. I found Mark to be very informed about your client and the job market, thus the advice offered put me in good stead for the vacancy. I will certainly keep your details at hand and recommend Coulter Elite Resourcing and Mark to friends and colleagues in the future. Once again, a very big thank you for all your help.

Wendy has helped me before - when I first moved to Peterborough in 1993. I was grateful to Wendy then and I am grateful to her again now in 2010. Once again she has helped me find a new role and I couldn't be more excited about it. Wendy took time to listen to me and what I wanted and, equally importantly, what I didn't want! She recognised my skills and personality matched a role she had and put me forward immediately for it. Happily I succeeded in securing the role! Wendy is completely professional and I trust her implicitly. I hope I don't have to use her services again for all the right reasons but should I ever need to, I would not hesitate.

I cannot recommend this agency enough. The day after I applied for the position online I received a call from Wendy and was in with her for an interview the following day. Wendy put me through for the position and helped me with interview questions and gave me all the information I needed to research for the interview. She was very friendly and called after the interview to see how it went. Wendy also helped me in my salary negotiations. I can honestly say this has been the smoothest process I have experienced through a recruitment agency.

Wendy Coulter from Coulter Elite Recruitment has assisted me in finding a fantastic new opportunity to help me develop my career. With the understanding and knowledge Wendy has in recruitment I felt assured from the first moment I spoke to her that I would find exactly what I was looking for, this has turned out to be the case. The whole team at Coulter Elite adopt a very professional and efficient attitude to there work and understood how I was feeling all the way through the recruiting process, I would recommend Coulter Elite's services to anyone and not hesitate to contact Wendy again should the need arise. Thanks again.

From the moment I spoke to Wendy I knew she would find the right job for me. She listens to your work/career needs and desires, and sources only the best jobs. After meeting with Wendy and explaining exactly what I wanted in my new career she set out to find me the ideal job. She understands that personality is just as important as qualifications and experience, only putting forward the right candidate for the right roles. Wendy is so thorough and precise that I got the first job she put me forward for, this is because she has the knowledge and experience to know exactly what is needed not only from the candidate but the employer too. If I ever want a career change, I would once again put all my trust in Wendy. The whole experience has been enjoyable and she was there every step of the way to support and guide me through interviews and assessments, any questions or queries I had, Wendy had answered immediately. It was a pleasure to work with her.

I would like to thank Wendy so much for helping me to find my ideal job. Without her invaluable support and encouragement I don't think I would have sold myself as well as I was able to in the interview. She knew I was capable of the job and made sure that I was completely prepared for the interview and most importantly believe in myself. This is the most personable and successful recruitment agency I have dealt with and will definitely recommend them to friends in the future. I am a truly satisfied candidate.